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"New Wineskins" Luke 5"33-39 | Midweek April 12, 2023

"New Wineskins" Luke 5"33-39 | Midweek April 12, 2023

Luke Study Series on "New Wineskins" Luke 5"33-39 by Bro Billy Jones Three Main Points in this study: 1. BE AWARE OF. HISTORICAL, CLASSIC CHRISTIANITY - The old wine for us is classical Christianity and lets us know what the tried and tested views are, and to recognize teachings that would be outside the norm of orthodox Christianity. The Apostles’ Creed or Nicene Creed provides basics of Christian thought. There are others that have been used in Church History to instruct as well. They are referred to as Confessions or a Catechism. The Reformed traditions have the standard of the Westminster Confession as a reliable instruction for discipleship. 2. MANY REFORM MOVEMENTS IN CHURCH HISTORY - From time to time there have been movements that occur when people are disheartened by the formalism of ritual, or it seems their group has become stuck in their ways and ironically have become much like what they had left. 3. EXAMINE OURSELVES TO EVALUATE IF WE HAVE BECOME SPIRITUALLY STAGNANT - The Christian life involves a change in the mindset and deeds. This lifestyle begins immediately at conversion and continues through our lives through sanctification. It’s important to be in a community of believers and attend church because it’s a way that we can be accountable to each other and receive instruction through the ministry of the Word of God. Reference Links: - Apostles' Creed - Nicene Creed - The Westminster Shorter Catechism
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